Technology Services

Custom Application Development

SHC Technologies is a health IT company with expertise in custom application development services developed with the most advanced technologies. From the development of applications from scratch to testing and deployment, we back you in all stages of building your custom applications.

Worried about your App maintenance and Update? Do Not Fret! We provide Post-deployment support services. The expert Mobile App Developers and Engineers at SHC Technologies help you run your apps seamlessly.
Whether you want to upgrade from an older version to the latest or migrate from one technology to another, you have our 360-degree support. SHC technologies offer the best mobile app engineers at your service.

iOS Development
Android Development

Cloud Services

SHC Technologies is one of the leading Cloud Consulting and Development Services providers in India. Leverage the power of the cloud to build scalable applications at lightning speed. Reduce your capital expenditures to the minimum and save on operational costs, too.

The proficient Cloud Engineers and developers at SHC are adept with the latest Cloud technologies. Whether you want to build your applications with Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure; we have expert solutions.

Simplify and accelerate your business operations with flexible cloud consulting and development services.

Google Cloud
AWS Cloud
Microsoft Azure

AI/ML Development

SHC technologies provide AI software development services to build smart applications for your healthcare business. We use Machine learning tools and Algorithms to build intelligent AI-driven applications.

Artificial Intelligence gives intellect to existing applications and systems. We use AI to automate repetitive learning through data. Further, we use AI for machines and applications that can analyze images, understand data, comprehend speech, and make predictions.


AI Product Development
Natural Language Processing
Data Science & Research
Computer Vision

Bot Development

SHC technologies offers chatbot-as-a-service and build Enterprise-ready bots. We develop The AI-powered chatbots to equip your enterprise with the next-gen intelligence and transform the way you interact with your clients or customers


From development to automation and enhancement, we provide a complete palette of DevOps solutions. We help in building cloud-based infrastructure, test code quality, and automate the deployment process.

The DevOps team at SHC technologies is an expert in continuous integration, deployment, and continuous delivery. With DevOps capability, we accelerate and automate development operations, minimize errors and costs to build.

Internet of Things (IoT)

SHC Technologies offers smart IoT Development services for the clients worldwide. We provide IoT Solutions to help our clients leverage the power of IoT in healthcare. From remote health monitors to devices infrastructure, we centralize all your devices on one screen and help make data-driven decisions.

With next-gen IoT solutions, doctors can have more specific patient monitoring while reducing unwanted operational costs. We help our clients enhance in-patient treatment, efficient disease prevention, and monitor health conditions.

Software Testing & QA

SHC Techhnologies is one of the leading Health-IT company. We focus on developing quality products and deliver value-based services. The products we develop are tested and assured for Quality. 

We offer Software testing services for improving quality and efficiency of products. Our proven Testing and QA solutions empower hundreds
of our clients to roll out fully integrated, tested, and user-friendly solutions for their users, with zero bugs and glitches.