SHC Technologies

We are looking for a qualified Data Analyst intern who can bring innovative solutions to complex technical problems. This is a high-visibility role where you will collaborate with colleagues and senior executives from across the company. 

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities:

1) Designing and evaluating business/product experiments
2) Monitoring key metrics, understanding root causes of changes in metrics
3) Building and analyzing dashboards and reports
4) Building key data sets to empower operational and exploratory analysis
5) Identifying new levers to help move key metrics
6) Understanding ecosystems, user behaviors, and long-term trends Note: Looking
for interns for a 3-6 month period and PPO opportunity post internship.



1) Minimum Qualifications : Degree in Computer Science, Math, Physics,
Engineering, Statistics or other technical fields
2) Experience in SQL,Excel.
3) Knowledge of basic statistics (e.g., hypothesis testing, regressions)
4) Should have expertise in a scripting language like python and be able to perform
tasks like extracting data from database to an excel, or manipulation of data to
generate insights
5) Experience with common data science toolkits (scikit, numpy, pandas). Strong
knowledge of pandas and numpy is required.
6) Big Data and Machine learning knowledge is a big plus

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